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Respite and Recreation

The Junction Works’ Respite and Recreation Service provides planned, short-term, time limited breaks from usual caring relationships for families and unpaid carers of children, young people and adults with a disability.

If you have an NDIS package, flexible respite falls within your Community Access and Recreation allocation.

The aim of our Respite and Recreation Service is to provide:
  • planned short-term, time-limited breaks in order to support and maintain the primary care-giving relationship. This is through providing flexible and responsive service delivery in line with the needs of individuals, families and carers
  • connection to services, resources and opportunities that build resilience and reduce the potential for the breakdown of the informal support network of the person with a disability and their carers.
  • a positive experience for the person with a disability by engaging them in age-appropriate, meaningful activities while in respite care. Activities are chosen by the person with disability, their carers and families to suit their values, culture, needs and interests.

To find out more about our Respite and Recreation Service call 8777 0500 or email referrals@thejunctionworks.org