20 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Since I last wrote to you a few weeks’ ago, much has happened in our community. I’m pleased to advise that through a range of strict hygiene measures, social distancing restrictions and some changes in practice, TJW services have been able to remain open.

Our Services, including our day and weekend programs for children and adults, allied health, psychology, behaviour support and support coordination all continue to be available.

I’m sure you will agree that we live in unprecedented times where we have been required to be vigilant regarding our health and safety. The collective result is that the NSW Government is gradually winding back the restrictions that were implemented to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a positive sign, yet wrapped in cautious optimism. The Premier’s removal of restrictions on daily activity  come with the caution to keep practicing preventative measures such as social distancing, personal hygiene and awareness of flu-like symptoms. There is a strong message from the Government to “Get tested” for COVID-19 if you have any symptoms (i.e. high temperature, dry cough, aches/pains, loss of smell/taste etc.).

I encourage each family to be aware of their health and if you or anyone in your household presents with flu like symptoms, please do not send your son/daughter to a TJW service. Get tested immediately and inform us if you test positive. 

You can find a local testing centre by clicking on the link below:

I would like to reassure you that TJW continues to conduct rigorous preventative health measures to ensure your son/daughter is well supported and safe during this period. These include:

  • Temperature testing and recording on arrival and throughout the day for anyone (staff, participants and visitors) entering our sites.
  • Availability of hand sanitizing products and encouragement of hand washing on a regular basis. You may notice that your son/daughter may wash their hands more frequently.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitising of surfaces in our sites and vehicles on a regular basis and after use.
  • Maintaining, where possible, social distancing and contactless greetings (“air” high fives, waving etc.)
  • Limiting unnecessary travel
  • Staff working remotely, where possible.
  • Conducting activities outside (weather permitting and community directives) to allow greater spread of staff/clients.
  • Opening windows rather than use air-conditioning (weather permitting).
  • And most importantly, where staff and participants experience flu or cold-like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, raised temperature) they are requested to be tested for COVID-19 and not return to work or a TJW site until the result is known.

Through these measures we have been able to avoid experiencing any cases of COVID-19 at The Junction Works.

I would like to thank each family for the confidence they have shown TJW as we manage through this uncertain period.

If you have previously chosen to keep your son/daughter at home due to your concern over COVID-19, but would like to consider him/her returning, please speak with your site coordinator to arrange the transition or contact our Customer Engagement team on 8777-0500. For those families we look forward to welcoming your son/daughter back to their friends.

We are here to support you to return to a normal routine of daily life.

Thank you for your support and confidence. The safety and health of your son/daughter is our priority.

Take care, 

Chris Campbell

Chief Executive Officer


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