Celebrating 10 Years of Ambrose Community Nursery

09 Sep 2016

The Junction Works’ award-winning Ambrose Community Nursery celebrates 10 years this month, yesterday hosting a lunch for local volunteers who have been a major part of its journey.

Located in the grounds of Tallowood Community Centre in Ambarvale, Ambrose Nursery has been made possible through the generosity of local volunteers, who have shaped the garden into the dynamic green space that it is today.

Planning for the nursery originally commenced in 2006, made possible through a grant from Housing NSW and the assistance of Botanical Gardens Trust. 

“We wish to congratulate The Junction Works on the tenth anniversary of a great partnership,” said Elizabeth Docking, Community Greening Officer at the Royal Botanic Gardens. “We especially thank the volunteers who make the nursery and gardens the success that they are today.”  

Some of the original volunteers were in attendance at Ambrose yesterday, receiving certificates from Marilyn Soulsby, General Manager Services, to mark their commitment to the nursery.

Since its opening, Eden Gardens has been a major sponsor of Ambrose Nursery, amongst Oasis Horticulture, Plantmark, Alpine Nurseries, Yates, Northcote Pottery Twigz and numerous others. These suppliers have been an important part of the Nursery’s development, providing seedlings, plants, gardening equipment and horticulture training for volunteers throughout the years.

Ambrose Nursery has also been a source of community care, with the Ambrose team having distributed much of the fruit and vegetables to many struggling families within the area.  

The Junction Works would like to thank volunteers, staff and community partners for their ongoing support of Ambrose Community Nursery. 
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