Chris Campbell talks about 2015 International Day of People with Disability

04 Dec 2015

Address by Chris Campbell, CEO of The Junction Works

At the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
on the occasion of the 2015 International Day of People with Disability and the Junction All Stars performance of Joy

3 December 2015

Friends, families and all of our guests, welcome to this special performance of Joy by the Junction All Stars.

My name is Chris Campbell and I am the CEO of The Junction Works. I am delighted that you are joining with us today to witness and celebrate the talent, skills and perseverance of the men and women of the Junction All Stars on this International Day of People with a Disability.

Supported by the United Nations since 1992, International Day of People with Disability aims to make all of us more aware of the tangible and intangible structures within our community which undermine the dignity, rights and well-being of people with a disability.

The All Stars performance in this theatre today exemplifies the gains all of us derive from the integration of people with a disability in every aspect of community life.

As you would be aware the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will commence in South West Sydney from July 2016.  The NDIS is about supporting the integration of people with a disability into community, and about them having more choice and greater control about how they want to live their life.

At The Junction Works we have been working steadily to ensure a smooth transition for the people we support to the NDIS.  And we will continue to do this until all our families have comfortably transitioned to the scheme. 

In February (25th and 26th February) we will be holding another series of Family Forums to keep you updated about the latest NDIS news and to explain how The Junction Works will be supporting families through the transition period.

My message to families is this: The Junction Works is here to support you and we will provide you with the assistance you need to ensure a successful transition to the NDIS.

Finally, before we move on to the performance I would like to acknowledge Edna and Steven Troy who are with us today. In September this year Edna and Steven lost their beloved son Edmon. 

Edmon was a real character, full of life and opinions, especially about football.  And we miss him very much.

The Junction All Stars are paying tribute to their friend and good mate in their performance today, through the inclusion of photos and footage.  It is fitting that this concert – dedicated to Edmon - is all about ‘Joy’.

So sit back and prepare to be challenged and inspired.

"Creating New Possibilities in People's Lives"

Our mission drives our determination to generate more opportunities for people with a disability, and to improve the lives of people experiencing hardship and disadvantage.