New polytunnel for Cowpastures Community Garden

23 Nov 2016

Above: Proposed concept for The Junction Works' polytunnel

An exciting new structure has become a reality for The Junction Works’ Austral Service Centre on account of a long-term community partnership. 

A generous grant from Interlink Roads (M5 South West Motorway) has been made to The Junction Works for the construction of a 30m by 9m greenhouse polytunnel, which is currently being constructed in the Austral community garden.

The polytunnel will provide a sustainable supply of fruit and vegetables for The Junction Works’ teaching kitchen and catering programs. The Sydney motorway business has donated a considerable $14,000 to establish the structure, due for completion in late 2016.

“The polytunnel will be an invaluable asset for our teaching programs, as well as providing a sustainable source of produce for our kitchen and many events,” said CEO Chris Campbell. 

Interlink Roads have supported The Junction Works on numerous occasions - from sponsoring projects for the Teaching Kitchen and inspiring the digital learning program ‘Reverse Mentoring’ in 2013, to supporting The Junction Works’ youth program, TJW Youth Clicks, at this year’s SPARK Creative Arts Festival. 

Last year the corporation funded the fitout of a catering van, which has since enriched the learning experience of participants in Teaching Kitchen programs by enabling them to transport food to cater for community and corporate events. 

“We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of the team at Interlink Roads. The Junction Works would not be able to provide the great opportunities that we do without their help,” said Chris.

The Junction Works would like to thank and acknowledge the team at Interlink Roads for their ongoing interest and generosity, and looks forward to launching the polytunnel in the new year.

Below: Polytunnel at The Junction Works Austral Service Centre

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