Dining at the Junction Café

06 Jul 2017

Above: Lauren and Francesca from The Works Kitchen & Catering Crew preparing for guests at a Friday Luncheon.

The Junction Luncheon Experience is quickly becoming a popular end-of-week treat amongst the local community and staff at The Junction Works!

Each Friday, The Works Teaching Kitchen and Catering Crew - comprising TJW Catering Program Coordinators and program participants - are offering a professional dine-in experience at The Junction Works' Austral Service Centre to staff, families, supporters and the local community.

The Luncheon Experience has been particularly popular amongst residents at Austral's Tobruk Retirement Village, many of whom are now 'Friday regulars' at the café. Building on cooking and kitchen skills, the café has provided a new avenue for skills development in professional dining and serving etiquette, such as showing guests to tables, taking orders, serving meals and clearing up tables.

This is in addition to the vital 'back of house' training that the guys have received to be able to wash and iron their uniforms, handle payments, utilise fresh ingredients from our Cowpastures Community Garden and develop the social skills required to greet and serve members of the public. For some participants, this has meant shifting from minimal verbal skills, to confidently welcoming and serving visitors - a significant achievement on every level.

The Junction Works' Luncheon Experience would not be possible without the expertise and creativity of TJW Kitchen & Catering Program Coordinators, Lyndan Barwick and Lesley Reed, as well as the enthusiastic young cooks in the program.
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