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Disability meets community

08 Feb 2018

Caring for the needs of young children is never easy, but young adults in our Work Ready Program are discovering just how rewarding this can be.

The Junction Works launched the Childcare Work Ready Program this month, with four young adults commencing training and practical experience in childcare through their NDIS Plan. The program is one of numerous TJW transition-to-work services, which have been introduced in response to demand for communication and literacy skill development, digital inclusion, travel training and handling money, as well as career-specific skills. 

Melissa, Samantha, Monique and Lauren are participants in the program and have completed a course induction, Working with Children Check and theory component over the past three weeks, before moving onto on-the-job experience at the Macquarie Fields Public School playgroup. 

For some of the women, the program expands on skills gained through previous work experience, whilst for others it will be a venture into new territory. 

"I want to work at a childcare centre," said Melissa, a participant in the program. "I worked with kids in high school work experience...they all miss me.

"I love giving [the kids] food and taking care of them."

Above: Melissa interacting with a mother in the Macquarie Fields Public School playgroup. 

Lauren is another participant in the program with prior experience working with children, having been a nanny on a number of occasions for relatives and friends. Lauren plans to use the opportunity to develop her social skills and confidence with young children, which she hopes will assist her to find the right job.

Above: Lauren engaging with children in the Childcare Work Ready Program.
By the end of the Childcare Work Ready Program, the participating young adults will be formally trained in career-specific skills, as well as supported by TJW Work Ready staff to pursue job opportunities should this be desired.

To find out more about Work Ready at The Junction Works, please contact Lesley Reed, Work Ready Educator at The Junction Works:

Ph: 02 8777 0504
E: lesleyr@thejunctionworks.org