Growth through Challenge: A Message from the CEO

13 Dec 2017

Taken from The Junction Works' 2017 Annual Report
Chris Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, November 2017

Indeed The Junction Works has experienced a successful year. After twelve months of NDIS turmoil, this success is grounded in the strong relationships we have forged with families as together we transitioned to the NDIS. 
Around 95 per cent of the families we support chose The Junction Works to partner with them through their NDIS journey. While not all NDIS Plans fully reflect the needs of Participants, together we were able to strike a substantially higher rate of success than many other families who have had to meet the challenges of NDIS on their own.

Accordingly, I thank our families for choosing The Junction Works to support them through their NDIS transition. I thank them for their patience as we established a range of new forms and procedures. And I thank them for continuing to choose The Junction Works as their primary support provider. 

I would also like to thank the staff of The Junction Works and especially our Connect Workers and Support Coordinators, who have assisted families to prepare for NDIS planning meetings, liaised with Local Area Coordinators to get Participants better outcomes, and absorbed much of the pressure that the transition has produced.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is not perfect. As many a media article has reported, to date the scheme has generally failed to meet expectations. The roll-out has been rushed, funding of plans has been uneven, and Local Area Coordinators (LACs) and Planners have proven to be under-prepared and inconsistent. For providers, NDIS procedures are complex and its IT portal clumsy. This has increased the administrative burden at a time when providing quality services should be a sole focus.

Nevertheless, the principle of 'choice and control' that underpins the NDIS is one worth supporting. 

Choice and control is about people with disability, their families and carers having control over the course of their lives, including the flexibility to make decisions about the disability services and supports they use. Evidence suggests that when people with disability are provided with greater choice and control over the services they require, they achieve better outcomes and quality of life.

The Junction Works will continue to work with National Disability Services (NDS), our peak industry body, to place pressure on the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to improve those aspects that are undermining the potential of the NDIS, including better planning processes and realistic pricing supports.

The NDIS is enabling us to be more flexible about the suite of services we provide, and the way we provide them. For instance, demand by local families has encouraged us to commence weekend recreation programs for children and young people and to expand our weekend program for adults. We are extending our therapy services and skill development programs, and providing more opportunitiies for young adults to achieve greater independence. 

In close consultation with families, we are advancing new models of supported accommodation, with the first new group home built under the NDIS due to open next April. This beautifully designed, adaptable, purpose-built facility in Edmondson Park will be home to five young adults currently living at home. The Junction Works will be actively supporting these young people and their parents to plan their transition and to settle into their new home.

We are determined to provide homes where residents can express their identity, interests and passions, where they can provide hospitality, and enjoy a sense of friendship and belonging.

For full article, refer to page 5 of The Junction Works' 2017 Annual Report here.

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