Building a healthier and happier future for all: Launch of new fitness program for TJW

25 May 2016

After months of planning and collaboration, The Junction Works has launched an 8 week fitness program with Wetherill Park Crossfit and Richmond PRA, for people living with disadvantage or disability in South West Sydney.

Called The WPCF Movement, the program incorporates Crossfit and tailored mentoring for young people in need of a supportive environment to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Movement has already established a great energy for Junk Free June - a month-long campaign run by The Junction Works, which aims to motivate individuals and communities to improve their mental and physical health.  

The innovative WPCF Movement has been developed with the assistance of Sasha Peckan, Psychologist at The Junction Works.

“This is a program that takes into consideration not only physical needs, but also mental and emotional,” said Sasha. "Crossfit has always been known to be highly inclusive for all fitness levels. And everyone deserves the chance to be included and to better themselves - health is something important for all.”

Wetherill Park Crossfit hosted the launch of the program over the weekend, which prompted numerous clients at The Junction Works to not only build their confidence and get active, but also to have fun as part of the greater community.

“It's this philosophy [inclusion for all] that interested me and got me thinking,” said Sasha. “Turns out I wasn't the only one who had this same thought. Together, our organisations have thought outside the box and brought this to life.

“It was moving to see how well all the clients interacted with one another and the community. I could see that they were genuinely enjoying the experience.”

The WPCF Movement is proving a success in mainstreaming support services, testament to all that can be achieved in partnership with local businesses.

“We owe it to ourselves to reach out and give all people the opportunity to make a change, regardless of their physical or mental barriers,” said Sasha. “Yet another way of how we can 'create new possibilities in people's lives’”.

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If you have a question about the program, please contact The Junction Works on 8777 0500 or via
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