Rhythm and rhyme: TJW Tap Dance

15 Dec 2017

Taken from The Junction Works' 2017 Annual Report

Tap dancing requires timing, coordination and concentration. It's great exercise and good for the cardiovascular system. But for our guys, this fabulous form of percussive dance is performed purely for the joy of it.

Tap dancing was introduced into The Junction Works' Skill Development Curriculum in 2017 and is taught by Senior Support Worker and dance teacher, Sarah Webb. 

The troupe performed for the first time as part of The Junction All Stars Concert, 'The Power of the Dream' at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in July 2017, to a full house.

This was followed by a second successful concert production, 'OWN IT' on 6th December 2017 at the Powerhouse, which saw the guys take to the stage with even more confidence in a new routine.

You can watch the Junction All Stars tap dance performances through the links below, including their recent public performance at the South West Disability Expo: 

Junction All Stars Power of the Dream Concert Production (December 2017)
South West Disability Expo performance (December 2017)

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