The countdown is on! SPARK 2016: Worlds within Worlds

27 Sep 2016

A dynamic festival full of energy, life and imagination - excitement is in the air for The Junction Works’ upcoming SPARK 2016 Festival next month, this year attracting over 350 excited participants from disability support services across NSW.

Now in its thirteenth year, SPARK is The Junction Works’ annual creative arts festival for young adults with a disability who are accompanied by a carer or support worker. 

The Festival will take place from 25th – 28th October at The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops – this year being the first to involve participants who have opted to attend as part of their NDIS-funded package.

“SPARK is a unique opportunity for young people with a disability to be socially engaged. We want them to challenge themselves and to discover new experiences through the process,” said The Junction Works CEO, Chris Campbell.

“It’s a way for them to experience a live festival in a supportive environment, while giving much-needed respite to their families and carers.”

Each year, SPARK involves creative workshops that range from singing and instrumental sessions, to parades, live bands and artist performances. Through the guidance of professional artists and performers, the workshops are designed to inspire participants to reach beyond their comfort zone. 

“The workshops are certainly a major highlight for the guys each year. As soon as October passes, they will be counting down the days until SPARK the next year,” said Chris.

For the past five years, SPARK has also supported young people seeking pathways to employment within the disability sector. 

With 12 students from Holsworthy High School choosing to volunteer their time and engage with participants in 2016, The Junction Works’ engagement with the local youth community has proven a great success with students, many of whom have continued on to pursue work within the industry. 

Allocations are exhausted for SPARK 2016 – if you have a question or would like to find out more, please visit The Junction Works’ SPARK page. Alternatively, please contact Janelle Mihas or Tanya Popovic on 8777 0500 or via
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