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18 Dec 2017

Participants in The Junction Works' Cowpastures Community Garden and Maintenance Program have been brewing an organic tea this summer - just not the type you would expect!

What started as a functioning worm farm at The Junction Works' Austral Service Centre has evolved into an organic gardening system, sustaining produce for both the garden program and adjoined teaching kitchen.

Young adults with a disability in the program are mastering a 'compost tea' - a natural fertiliser produced from worm castings, vegetable scraps and other organic material.

The process involves the breaking down of biodegradable material by worms, generating castings. These castings are then collected in a strainer 'tea bag' to percolate in a tub of water, resulting in a nutrient-rich brew, which the guys are cultivating for the fruit and vegetable garden.

The Junction Works' Cowpastures Community Garden & Maintenance Program provides horticultural and trade skills for people with a disability who love being amongst nature. Programs have supported participants to develop practical skills in a wide range of areas, including garden management and sustainability, composting, concreting, building, motor operation, woodwork and more.

For more information on the program, please CLICK HERE or contact The Junction Works: (02) 8777 0500 or via

Below: Members of the Cowpastures Community Garden team learning the different methods of composting at The Junction Works' Austral Service Centre.

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