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Claymore Community Centre

Claymore Community Centre is a welcoming place for every resident of Claymore.
It's a community space where people get to connect with others.
It's a community resource where you can find information and support, referral services, youth assistance, volunteering opportunities and activities to suit all ages.

Don't wait to be invited. Drop in to Claymore Community Centre today for a coffee or a chat, or just to check out what' going on in the place.


What’s on at Claymore Community Centre?

To view our current program of services and activities please view or download the latest What's on at Claymore or phone us on 4626 2007.

Claymore Action Network (CAN)

Claymore is a suburb with an active community. The Claymore Action Network (CAN) is an action-based network of residents, service providers and key stakeholders who work together to respond effectively to local issues.

The CAN is open to all members of the community, with bi-monthly meetings held at the Claymore Community Centre.

To find out more about the CAN or to get involved contact Suzanne Snook, Claymore Community Centre Coordinator on 4626 2007, or click on the link below to go to CAN's Facebook Page.
Supporting the community of Claymore

Claymore Community Centre
9 Gould Road
Claymore NSW 2559
T: (02) 4626 2007