Social, Recreational and Weekend Programs

Weekend Social Support and Recreation Programs for children, young people and adults with a disability

Our Recreation and Social Support programs include:

Kids Connect Weekend and Holiday Program for children aged 7 to 13 years. Our Kids and Youth Connect Team loves nothing better than putting together a cool program of activities and outings to stimulate and amuse the children in their care.

Youth Connect Weekend and Holiday Program for young people aged 13 to 17 who are keen to get out and about, enjoy interesting activities, learn some new skills, meet some great people and be supported by some pretty cool staff who understand you! (see below)

Centre and Community-based Weekend Recreation for adults with a disability who are seeking enjoyable social events and experiences.

Contact our Engagement Team for further details:
8777 0500 

Respite and Recreation Supports

Kids and Youth Connect

The Junction Works provides social support, recreational opportunities and skill development for children and young people with a disability. We call this support service Kids and Youth Connect.

Kids and Youth Connect programs include after school support from the Heckenberg Support Centre, holiday programs from Austral and Heckenberg and a range of weekend programs to suit the interests and support needs of children and young people in our care.

After the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, we are also re-commencing excursions and outings.

"Creating New Possibilities in People's Lives"

Our mission drives our determination to generate more opportunities for people with a disability, and to improve the lives of people experiencing hardship and disadvantage.