Under the NDIS people can access psychology services under 'capacity building: improved daily living' to help them to improve their social skills, to manage their behaviour, to learn how to build and enrich their relationships, or to learn a variety of coping mechanisms.


Our Psychologists provide:

  • Specialised assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health, behavioural and emotional conditions to help you develop and work towards your goals
  • Assessment of cognitive or intellectual functioning to guide treatment or vocational goals
  • Rehabilitation and management of cognitive difficulties, such as problems with memory, attention and planning
  • Support with adjustment to a new health condition or challenges related to a lifelong disability
  • Identifying strategies to better cope with stress, life changes and connections with others
  • Help with all types of disability including physical and intellectual conditions

Our Psychologists also provide Behaviour Support services. 

While face-to-face sessions are encouraged, we always try to be as flexible as possible, working in to suit your schedule – even if it means having a session on-line via Zoom,  Skype or Facetime,  or over the phone. 

"Creating New Possibilities in People's Lives"

Our mission drives our determination to generate more opportunities for people with a disability, and to improve the lives of people experiencing hardship and disadvantage.