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Psychology & Behaviour Support

Our Psychologists provide support to manage behaviour, cope with challenges and mental health, and improve communication. 


Our Psychologists and Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioners provide

  • Formal Cognitive Assessments to identify mental disorders such as anxiety, autism and dementia, and to identify need for services
  • Functional Skills Assessments to identify skills and abilities across a range of areas
  • Behaviour Analysis to understand why someone behaves a certain way
  • Risk Assessments to explore risks to the person or their community of a certain behaviour
  • Behaviour Support Plans to assist families and carers to manage concerning behaviours
  • Positive Behaviour Management to develop parenting skills and foundation for positive behaviour
  • Teaching the individual to play, interact, relax, develop stress management and social skills
  • Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Parent and carer education through individual and group workshops

To find out how our Psychology & Behaviour Support Practitioners can assist you or someone you care for, please call us on 8777 0500 or email us at customer@thejunctionworks.org

NDIS Registration No: 405 000 2486