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Disabilities are our thing

At The Junction Works our Disability Support services are goal oriented and designed around your needs.

Core Supports

Core Supports help you with everyday activities. Your Core Supports budget is the most flexible, and in
most cases you can use your funding across any of the four Core support categories.
 Assistance with Daily Life – Support with activities of daily life and short-term accommodation
 Transport – Funding to help you travel to achieve the goals in your plan. Transport funding is paid
directly to your bank account.
 Consumables – Everyday items such as continence products or low-cost assistive technology to
improve your independence.
 Assistance with Social & Community Participation – Support to participate in social, recreational
or community based activities. .

Capital Supports

Capital Supports include higher-cost pieces of assistive technology, home or vehicle modifications, and
funding for one-off purchases you may need. Capital Supports funds can only be used for their specific
purpose and cannot be used to pay for anything else.
 Assistive Technology – Equipment for mobility, personal care, communication and recreational
 Home Modifications – Modifications or Specialist Disability Accommodation for participants who
require special housing due to their disability.

Capacity Building Supports Here

Capacity Building Supports help build your independence and develop skills to help you reach your long-term goals. Unlike Core Supports, Capacity Building funds cannot be moved from one support category to another.

  • Support Coordination – A support coordinator can assist you to implement your plan and negotiate with service providers.
  • Improved Living Arrangements – Support to help you find and maintain an appropriate place to live.
  • Increased Social & Community Participation – Support to increase your skills so you can participate in social and recreational activities.
  • Finding & Keeping a Job – Employment-related support, training and assessments that help you find and keep a job.
  • Improved Relationships – Support to help you develop positive behaviours and interact with others.
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing – Assistance with exercise or diet advice to manage the impact of your disability.
  • Improved Learning – Training, advice and help for you to move from school to further education, such as university or TAFE.
  • Improved Life Choices – Plan management to help you manage your plan, funding and paying for services.
  • Improved Daily Living – Assessment, training or therapy to help increase your skills, independence and community participation.
Support Co-Ordination
  • Understand how you can use your NDIS Plan to meet your goals
  • Manage your NDIS funding effectively to get the best outcome from your plan
  • Work with your carers, family, and other services providers in order to meet the goals of your NDIS Plan
  • Teach you (or your carer) how to access the NDIS portal so that you can monitor how your funds are being spent
  • Monitor the progress and outcomes of achieving your goals
  • Assisting you to prepare for your next NDIS review meeting 

Program Of Support

Junction Works offers a whole range of programming including

“The Junction Programs Of Support”

A daily skill based learning and pro-active program that allows every person no matter the level of skills to particpate and be active in every program

Each Individual is given the opportunity to grow through skill and social opportunities and enjoying a full day of learning skills, building better capacitiy to be in the community and deliver experiences that are unqiue to each participant.

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