The Junction Works

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The Junction Works

Creating New Possibilities

In Peoples Lives


Your Donation Makes A Difference

Your donation to the Junction Works makes a whole lot of difference to the lives of people with disabilities. Most of our external events are funded through your donations.

For just a few dollars, a participant who cannot afford to visit events such as “The Zoo”, “The Museum” or even go “Ten Pin Bowling”, can with  your help attend these community events that we take for granted.

The way you help

Your dollar in action

Every dollar that we raise goes straight back into helping our participants. Money goes towards providing new facilities, activities and programs across all our facilities. The ability to suppy state of art technology, provide one on one assistance and offer programs to those who cant afford it.

Give a One-Time Gift or Multiple Donations

No matter how much you have to give, each dollar goes towards making our peoples lives better. Your donation is put towards a number of specific goals set out with the participants through the year, to help them grow, achieve and make them smile.  

What we do

Donations Put To Use

We are currently building a new better state of the art facility at Seven Hills and have also started redesigning and updating our facility at Austral. These facilities total almost $2 million in spend to make our services one of the most advanced in the country. Its your donations that allow us to create better, more sustainable and functional facilities to make our participants lives better. 

Spark Festival

Hundreds of our participants were able to enjoy many unique adventures during our Spark Festival all at no charge. These included theatre, local attractions, dinner cruises and flying. With your donations we were able to offer experiences to people who would never be able to afford, or attend these venues.

Donate Now And Make A Difference

With Cash

Direct Debit Money Into Our Donation Account – All Money donated is Tax Deductible

By Check

Send us a cheque via mail – Donations recieved will be given a reciept as Donations are Tax Deductible.

Give Online

Simply click here to donate today and leave a donation with our service to make someones life amazing.

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