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If you’re a TJW participant or just looking for a little more time online with some great programs we have the solutions for you,
Wake up with Sandy (Live) and his show ‘Good Morning – What’s On’ from 9am each weekday. Have a chat, a bit of laugh and joke, and find out what other activities are on for the day.
Then continue to join all the programs such as Hip Hop, Sing Along with Tom, Karaoke Online, Martial Arts and Exercise Programs all live and on replay across the day and the week. Our replay service also has great activities, polls and more for you to choose from.
Participating in this online program involves a daily or flat rate fee, that is supported by your NDIS core support funds.
. This fee provides access to ALL content over this period of time and contributes to the costs of developing and delivering this offering. To find out more email
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