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The Junction Works Provides

Supported independent living (SIL)

Our own dwelling and specialist disability accommodation(SDA) for people living with higher support needs.

The Junction Works Independent Living Supports

Independent Living Services Support

Support With Supervision, Safety and Security

Each person gets to live their life with security and safety. With great friendly staff at home to make sure that everyone is in bed without a worry.

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Our proffessional friendly staff treat our home makers with the respect, dignity and safety they require. With 24 hour services available you can rest assured that everyone at home is safe and enjoying life the way its ment to be. 

Behavior support and social skill development

Everyone has their ups and downs, and some more than others, but with our specialist team we work out those kinks to make sure everyone is on the right path to a healthy happy environment. 

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With a whole team behind us, we manage and support our independent living crew with a huge supported team to help out. Our team is qualified to administer medication, get support for medical appointments and make sure every person is being cared for at the highest level possible. 

Assistance with personal tasks

Everyone needs some help at some time. Our staff not only assist with prompting the daily personal stuff but they also help keep everyone on track each day with their personal care.

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Not everyone can do everything themselves, but our staff encourage, engage and help develop these skills at home. Tasks such as meal preparation, cooking, shopping, money handling, cleaning, even brushing the teeth. Our sites are all decked out to make sure everyone has the opportunity to build on skills to helps with personal care tasks. 

Community Access

Getting out and about is important to us, and while we access each person differently our team stive to give everyone the best access to the community, access to family and building a social life for everyone.

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Being active in the community and having the freedom of being out and about to do the things everyone loves is important to us. Our team will sit with you and your family and work out what you like to do and when. Your personal plan is developed so you can join in and do the activities your really enjoy. 

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