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Psychology and Behaviour Support 

for counselling, behaviour intervention, coping with challenges and strategies to manage mental health

Occupational Therapy 

for assistance with goal setting for improved wellbeing, emotional regulation, improving and maintaining skills of daily living, and prescribing adaptive equipment and home modification for increased independence

Speech pathology

for assistance in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children, young people and adults.

Qualified Practitioners that Specialise in Disability

The Works Practice provides allied health and NDIS support coordination services to children, young people and adults living with a disability.



  • Learn to cope with a challenging situation or life transition
  • Increase self-confidence


  • Learn everyday skills


  • Be more physically mobile


  • Become more independent
  • Participate in the community


  • Increase communication


  • Manage swallowing and enjoy new food and mealtime experiences

NDIS Support Coordination


The Works Practice has an energetic, knowledgeable and independent team of Support Coordination who are keen to help you make the most of your NDIS Plan.

The role of a Support Coordinator is to help participants put their NDIS Plan into action by connecting them to mainstream and specialist supports and services. 

A Support Coordinator will help you to: 

  • Understand how you can use your NDIS Plan to meet your goals
  • Manage your NDIS funding effectively to get the best outcome from your plan
  • Work with your carers, family, and other services providers in order to meet the goals of your NDIS Plan
  • Teach you (or your carer) how to access the NDIS portal so that you can monitor how your funds are being spent
  • Monitor the progress and outcomes of achieving your goals
  • Assisting you to prepare for your next NDIS review meeting.

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